Music Supervisors

Welcome to K&W Publishing!

If you are seeking music for your current project, or would like to discuss hiring a music supervisor, please use the contact link below and indicate you are inquiring about music supervision. Someone from our office will contact you as quickly as possible.

About Us

Besides music supervision and clearance, we also are proud to represent an ever-expanding library of exceptional music from talented artists. We specialize in rock music and singer/songwriters, and we have several relationships that provide us access to artists you might not find anywhere else.

In addition, we are highly selective, constantly listening to new submissions and always looking for top-quality tracks from any genre. And here’s the best news: If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we know how to find it!

Our ARTIST REQUIREMENTS are also in place to further make your job easier.

We understand the pressures and concerns of both Music Supervisors and Artists, and we’re well equipped to help both! Send us an email or call us any time and we are happy to discuss your current and upcoming music needs.

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